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Multiple Physicians who are certified to recommend cannabis from the State of Ohio Medical Board are now accepting a limited number of reservations for appointments to take place beginning in July, when the Ohio Board of Pharmacy will be accepting patient registrations.

A recommendation from one of our physicians is your first step toward being welcome inside Ohio dispensaries, expected to open later this year.  Please have a look around this page, or use the following links:

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Our lowest possible ANNUAL pricing is $249, discounted to $149 for Veterans
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Why should you choose a Patient Focus doctor?

Free In-depth cannabis Patient Education

The following courses from our partner Americans for Safe Access are free to our patients (a $49 value):

2.5 hours of videos covering the following information:  

1. The Endocannabinoid System
This section explains how cannabis interacts with the human body to provide a wide range of therapeutic benefits.  This physiological system, which runs throughout your body and contributes to its overall homeostasis, was only discovered in 1992. (long after cannabis prohibition began)  

2. Cannabis 101 Learn the basics of the cannabis plant, preparations, side effects, and much more. This section has information that every patient needs to know and understand.

3. Cannabis Research and Clinical Data The field of medical cannabis research is advancing rapidly. This section explores use of medical cannabis to treat various disease states and manage many of the symptoms associated with these disease states.

4. Cannabis-Based Medicines Pharmaceutical companies are using whole cannabis and compounds found in cannabis to create conventional medicines. This section discusses cannabis-based pharmaceuticals, their use, availability, and reported patient experience.

5. Choosing Your Medicine: Potency, Delivery Methods, and Dosage This section addresses the techniques you can use to find the best cannabis-based medicine and dose for you. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, the selection and dosing of herbal medicine is based, in part, on trial and error and user feedback. Metabolism, prior exposure, variation in composition, and route of administration all play a role in finding the best medicine and dose.

6. Obtaining Medicine This section addresses how to individualize choice of medicine, where to obtain medicine, and what rights and expectations one should have as a medical cannabis consumer.

7. Safely Using, Storing and Transporting Medical Cannabis The way in which one stores and handles the medical cannabis affects the potency and overall quality of the medication. This section shows strategies for protecting medicine from damage or deterioration. This section also explains how to interpret information on labels and provides basic safety information.

8. Medical Cannabis in Your Life This section suggests strategies for talking to your doctor, loved ones, employer, and others about legal medical cannabis use.

9. History of Medical Cannabis This section provides an important historical perspective on the scientific, legal, and political landscape for medical cannabis in the United States.

To become one of our patients and immediately receive these courses for free, place a $10 deposit reservation deposit and enjoy the following perks:

  • $25 off of your 1st visit fee.  During this visit you may qualify as on Ohio medical marijuana patient.

  • Secure a Physician so that you are unaffected by a potential shortage of physicians certified by the State to recommend cannabis.
  • Your reservation deposit will be applied toward your 1st visit fee.   

New Patient Booking

The Time to Place Your Reservation is Now!

Although access to medical cannabis in Ohio is projected to begin late in the year and may roll out slowly, a potential lack of certified physicians within Ohio means that you will want to get a head start on your physician relationship.  

By reserving your visit now, you will be immediately receive access to your free in-depth cannabis patient education from American’s for Safe Access (a $49 value),  $25 off of your first visit  and your deposit will be applied toward your first visit fee.

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