Patient Focus Pricing and Process


1st visit fee currently discounted from $199 to $174!

Discounted to $149 for veterans.  Insurance not accepted.
The balance of your first visit fee will be due at least one week before your appointment.

Includes 2.5 hours of online patient education videos from Americans for Safe Access, a $49 value!

Most patients who receive a recommendation will do so on the first visit!

We are currently only accepting patients who are able to use our online features to book, pay, and provide information our doctors need.  This allows your new physician to learn about your situation prior to the appointment, which in turn will allow for a possible 1st visit recommendation.

1st visit Visiting Physician Option: $TBD

Your physician will travel to see you at your location.  Pricing is dependent on location.

12 months of digital follow-up only $75!

FREE for veterans.

Ohio law requires an expectation of continued care, but this doesn't mean you need to see your doctor 3 or 4 times a year.  Allow us to save you time and money!  We offer a secure and HIPPA compliant patient portal follow up system.  Complete patient surveys easily and securely from any device.

Please note:  Patient Portal follow-up must be approved by your physician, and not all patients will qualify for this method alone .  You and your physician will discuss whether adding in-person or telehealth follow-ups are appropriate.
If your physician approves a recommendation and you choose to accept it, your $75 follow-up fee will be due at that time and prior to your state registration. (prepaid for the year)

Patients with terminal conditions may pay for 6 months of online follow-up.

Video, In-Person, or Telephone Follow-up $79 per visit

20% off for veterans.

Your physician is always available for follow-up visits.   You and your physician will discuss which method works best for your situation.  
*pricing assumes a 20 minute visit, longer visits will incur a higher cost. 

Visiting Physician Follow Up: $TBD

Your physician will travel to your location for your follow up care.  Your location will impact the cost of this service.  Call or email for a quote.

* All pricing subject to change unless a reservation has been made.

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy charges an additional $50 for registration, discounted to $25 for veterans or for those on SSI or SSDI.

An additional fee of $25 is charged by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy for each person who registers a caregiver.  At least one caregiver is REQUIRED for minors.  

Annual Renewal or Exit Interview: See below

Ohio law requires that your physician make observations surrounding the effect of cannabis as treatment.  So, during the 12th month of care, f you have been using only online follow-up methods we will require that you stop in for a visit.

If you or your physician choose not to renew, then there is no charge for this visit.

If you both agree to renew, then a TBD renewal visit will be charged (less than your 1st visit)


Our process is subject to change.

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