We do things a little differently than your regular doctor.....

So, we created this section to explain how we operate to meet the requirements of Ohio law while providing you with your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card on the day of your visit.

Pricing is reasonable, and INCLUDES 12 MONTHS OF CONTINUED CARE 

(continue care is required by law)

Non veterans pay $249 PER YEAR. ($75 refunded if not approved, NON VETS ONLY)

Veterans pay $149 PER YEAR, includes 12 months follow-up. (no refunds if not approved)


The Ohio Board of Pharmacy ill charge you separately $50 for your card, $25 if a veteran or on SSI/SSDI.

You will find (A) process, (B) payment due dates, and (C) refund policy clearly explained below-


Designed to provide you with your card on the day of your visit!

The main thing we need you to understand is that WE DO NOT WAIT FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT DATE TO BEGIN SERVICES.  Here is what we do before you even walk in the door-

1.  We order records for you (no printing and scanning on your end) if you do not have them, if you do have them we accept them via a secure upload or HIPAA compliant fax.  

Your doctor will review these prior to your visit!!   

You may just bring records with you if you choose, but it does SLIGHTLY decrease your chances of a same day approval.

2.  We collect your health history survey immediately after booking. No paperwork at the office for you!  Your doctor will also review these prior to  your visit!

3.  We provide you with an in-depth cannabis patient education valued at $49 to review prior to your appointment.  Even the most "knowledgeable" cannabis patient will learn something.

By your appointment date, you are educated on cannabis & your doctor is educated about you!

This process makes for a more meaningful visit, and a strong possibility that you will receive your Ohio medical marijuana card and be able to visit a dispensary THAT DAY!


Obviously, if we completed the steps above without collecting some sort of prepayment, then we would be losing a good deal on money and time for non showing patients.  Here is how it works:

1.  Due at booking

A reasonable prepayment toward your annual service costs of just $25 get the ball rolling.

2.  Due one week before your appointment, with up to 3 days grace IF REQUESTED-

The balance of your total annual costs, which at this point would be $224 for non vets and $124 for vets including 12 months on online follow up.   

Remember, your doctor works on your file before you arrive.  Also, most patients want their Ohio medical marijuana card on the spot, so we collect the continued care fee ahead of time (refunded if not approved)

*online follow-up requires physician approval.  If in-person or telehealth follow-up is required (very rare) then additional fees would apply.  

*The State of Ohio Pharmacy Board will require an additional $50 for registration, discounted to $25 for veterans or those on SSi or SSDI.  We do not collect these fees, you pay them directly to the Pharmacy Board.  This can be done from your phone at your appointment.


1. If you are not approved, your continued care fee of $75 will be refunded immediately. (non vets only)

2. Reschedules do not incur a fee with notice.  A $90 reschedule fee may apply to no-shows who do not call to let us know they can't make it in advance at our discretion.

3.  If you cancel within 24 hours of booking AND before we order your records, then all funds will be returned.  Otherwise, your $25 prepayment will NOT BE REFUNDED.

4.  Cancellations without rescheduling within 3 days of your appointment MAY incur up to a $90 fee at our discretion.  If you have a good reason and your doctor has not worked on your file, then we will consider refunding more.

That's it.  Very simple to understand, and not typed in small print :)

For your assurance, all invoices are hosted 3rd party by Paypal.  You do not need a Paypal account to pay, but you will receive Paypal consumer protections (very strong).  We are a verified merchant.

We reserve the right to change pricing and polices without notice.

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