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Have you ever heard of your Endocannabinoid System?

In 1990, the US Government funded research into the NEGATIVE effects of cannabis on the human body.  In an unbelievable twist, a NEW SYSTEM OF PHYSIOLOGY WHICH RUNS THROUGHOUT YOUR BODY WAS DISCOVERED.  That system was named after the cannabis plant itself.

Video #1 in your FREE education covers the Endocannabinoid system, other videos include:

Choosing Your Medicine: Potency, Delivery Methods, and Dosage 

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, the selection and dosing of herbal medicine is based, in part, on trial and error and user feedback. Metabolism, prior exposure, variation in composition, and route of administration all play a role in finding the best medicine and dose.  This section addresses the techniques you can use to find the best cannabis-based medicine and dose for you. 

Safely Using, Storing and Transporting Medical Cannabis 

The way in which one stores and handles the medical cannabis affects the potency and overall quality of the medication. This section shows strategies for protecting medicine from damage or deterioration. This section also explains how to interpret information on labels and provides basic safety information.

Obtaining Medicine 

This section addresses how to individualize choice of medicine, where to obtain medicine, and what rights and expectations one should have as a medical cannabis consumer.

There is much more covered in your educational videos (2.5 hours worth of info).  Keep scrolling down to book.

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Our EASY and FRIENDLY online system allows this to happen, WITH NO APP DOWNLOAD NEEDED, by allowing you to provide your doctor with information ahead of your visit.  Also, by completing forms at home you will avoid endless paperwork at the office.  

Order records from your current doctor with your cell phone or computer, no printing required!  

You may also use our encrypted upload if you have digital records available from a patient portal.

While you are becoming educated about cannabis, your doctor will be learning about you, allowing for a more meaningful visit and a possible on the spot approval and immediate access to your Ohio Medical marijuana card!

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Avoid expensive in-person follow-up visits & support Ohio Veterans:


Here are your total costs for a year: 

1.  In-depth cannabis patient education videos, FREE! (a $49 value)

2. Online patient portal access, paperless record ordering. FREE! (we order your records for you)

3. Non veteran new patient 1st visits are $174 ($149 for veterans) *with online discount, normally $199 

4. 12 months of continued care with online follow-up is a one time $75 fee. (FREE for veterans)


Total annual cost with doctor approved online follow-up only $249  ($149 for Veterans) 

*this does not include payment for your medical marijuana card to the Ohio Pharmacy Board ($25-$50)

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